Cashew & Date Logs

Having a health snack on hand can be the difference between sticking to your health goals and not. These Cashew & Date Logs are a sweet hit that can curb those afternoon cravings and keep you on the whole food track.

4 Mindful And Healthy Late-Night Snack Ideas.

If you’re anything like me, occasionally you might feel like a late-night snack.  Most snack food options are unhealthy and enjoying those before bed could lead to a habit that causes repercussions you’re trying to avoid. Here are a few of my favourite mindful and healthy late-night snack ideas that you can reach for without the guilt…

6 Stress-Free Meal Planning Tips That Will Simplify Your Life.

how to waste less food

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old saying that hindsight gives us 20/20 vision, but a little foresight can be helpful, too. In fact, foresight when it comes to meal planning can be your saving grace for making it work for you. Meal planning can feel a little overwhelming, but I invite you to see it with renewed eyes today. I’d love to share these meal planning tips that will simplify your life that I personally practice to help meal planning feel empowering instead of overwhelming…