4 Mindful And Healthy Late-Night Snack Ideas.

If you’re anything like me, occasionally you might feel like a late-night snack.  Most snack food options are unhealthy and enjoying those before bed could lead to a habit that causes repercussions you’re trying to avoid. Here are a few of my favourite mindful and healthy late-night snack ideas that you can reach for without the guilt…

Practical Tips On How To Waste Less Food.

How to waste less food

In Australia, 7.3 million tonnes of food is going to waste each year. That’s over $1000 thrown away per household each year. Food waste is a problem, and we can take small steps each day to do our part in lessening that number. While you’re throwing away your hard-earned money on food you didn’t eat, you’re also adding to your carbon footprint.  Food waste will inevitably happen. Try these handy tips on how to waste less food and be better for the environment in the process.

6 Stress-Free Meal Planning Tips That Will Simplify Your Life.

how to waste less food

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old saying that hindsight gives us 20/20 vision, but a little foresight can be helpful, too. In fact, foresight when it comes to meal planning can be your saving grace for making it work for you. Meal planning can feel a little overwhelming, but I invite you to see it with renewed eyes today. I’d love to share these meal planning tips that will simplify your life that I personally practice to help meal planning feel empowering instead of overwhelming…