Stress And Your Gut.

Everyone feels stress differently and their stress is triggered by a variety of factors. No matter the why, today’s societal expectations and your busy life can be full of stress. How that impacts your gut is what I want to focus on here.

Simple Strategies For Your Grocery Trips.

If you don’t come prepared with some simple strategies for grocery shopping it can feel overwhelming and take up a considerable chunk of your time. Not to mention, there is no worse feeling than coming home from the store only to realise that you didn’t buy anything you need. A little organisation helps to make sure you can make the most out of your grocery trips. Here are some strategies to make your next grocery trip stress-free and more efficient.

The Secrets of Longevity.

With age comes wisdom, experience, and memories. Every trip around the sun is to be enjoyed and treated as the gift it is, and if we had the secrets to longevity we could enjoy a few more. I don’t know one person that doesn’t want to prolong their life and quality of life for as long as possible! 

How To Make A Soup With Leftovers.

It’s time for your weekly grocery trip, but you still have a few veggies hanging around that you don’t want to throw out. What can you do with them? The next time you’re cleaning out your fridge, make a delicious, hearty soup with leftover groceries. Here are the steps to make a perfect soup with your leftovers every time, so no more food goes to waste.

Flavour Boosting Ingredients To Improve Your Meals.

Few ingredients have the power to single-handedly boost a dish with their flavour. These are the ingredients you always want to have in your kitchen pantry, so you can quickly make a flavourful meal without wasting time and money on dozens of ingredients and spices. Here are some flavour boosting ingredients you need if you want to transform your meals.

Natural Remedies For A Sore Throat.

We all know that feeling— waking up to a sore throat and realising you are getting sick. There are definitely better ways to start your day, but it’s essential to have your wellness arsenal ready for when sore throats strike. Luckily, the ingredients you need to help you feel better might already be in your kitchen…

How To Build Your Sleep Routine.

If you’ve struggled with putting a good night’s rest on the back burner, let this be the year you take a step toward better sleep. Think of your sleep hygiene as a series of sleep habits. These habits can drastically improve your ability not only to fall asleep but to stay asleep. 

Weekend Rituals To Start A New Week Well.

Do the weekends feel like they go by in a blink of an eye to you? 

What if I told you that it’s possible to not only enjoy your weekend but also feel like you’re beginning your workweek on the right foot?

Banana & Choc Chip Oat Cups

These cups are ideal for a lunch box snack, but can also be a great ‘grab and go’ breakfast option. or afternoon snack.   Banana & Choc Chip Oat Cups (serves 12) Ingredients 30 ml Coconut oil (melted, divided) 200 gm Oats (rolled) 25 gm Vanilla protein powder 1 tsp Baking powder 1/2 tsp Cinnamon […]

Green Smoothie Muffins

These muffins are ideal for a lunch box snack, but can also be a great ‘grab and go’ breakfast option.   Green Smoothie Muffins (serves 12) Ingredients 5 ml Coconut oil (melted) 75 gm Baby spinach 2 Banana (ripe) 50 gm Vanilla protein powder 20 gm Pitted dates 180 ml Oat milk (or alternative DF […]