5 Simple Ways to Make Your Meals Healthier

Are you tired of eating salad after salad in hopes of making your goals a reality? While salads are undoubtedly a great way to keep on track, they aren’t the only way. There are many simple little things you can do when preparing your meals that can have a significant impact in a positive way for your health. […]

Natural Stress-Free Ways to Survive the Holidays

Even if you love the holidays and await them all year long — we can all agree there’s a significant uptick in stress during this season.  Your schedule is bombarded with visits from family and friends, work events, social events, and family outings, to name a few.  Traffic is more hectic than usual, stores are […]

How To Get Back On Track When You Veer Off Your Path

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re progressing in your wellness journey and sticking to your healthy eating. Nothing better, except that slice of chocolate cake you’ll just have for that special occasion, or that delicious pile of pasta you’ve been saving your cheat meal for. To be clear, there really is nothing wrong with […]

Is Eating Organic Food Really That Important?

You likely are no stranger to the benefits of organic foods over conventionally grown foods — organic foods ‘aren’t allowed to be cultivated with nasty pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, and GMOs. But perhaps the price tags of organic items make you wonder if it’s possible to fill your cart with only organic items. There are […]

6 Foods That are Totally Sabotaging Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is healthy and running as it should, it burns off your calories and keeps you feeling excellent. Exercise and plenty of sleep also help your metabolism function optimally, but did you know that certain foods you eat could be sabotaging your efforts? These foods could be slowing down that burn you count […]

5 Food Sensitivities and Symptoms You Might Encounter

Some people can eat what they want without worry — but for many others, certain foods can trigger reactions. Some of those reactions could be mild to the point where you might not associate them with what you’re eating, while others are more severe and could require medical attention. What foods tend to be the […]

Understanding Food Cravings

Cravings are something we all deal with, and it’s fascinating how deep the meaning goes for why we crave certain things. There are a few main reasons for cravings: hormones, emotions, and nutrient deficiency. Hormones:  generally an imbalance with hormones like serotonin or leptin can cause us to have food cravings. Emotions:  have you noticed […]

Clean Italian Seasoning

A simple spice mix that is clean of the preservatives and additives that can be found in pre-made seasoning mixes. Clean Italian Seasoning   Ingredients 1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano 1 teaspoon dried marjoram 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary 1/2 teaspoon dried sage  Instructions Mix all of the herbs […]

10 Ways to Kick Stress In The Butt

When we are stressed, it’s quite easy to develop negative thinking patterns because we become frustrated by our challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for us to manage those challenges and move forward and break through the stress cycle. Practicing positive thinking helps to focus on […]

Does Disease Begin with Gut-Health? 3 Steps to Prevent Disease

What Is Gut-Health? There has been lots of talk recently about what has become known as “gut-health.” The Johns Hopkins Medical Center website, one of the most well-respected hospitals and Medical Schools in the United States, suggests there is a good reason for this. Hidden within the walls of your digestive system is what is […]