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Reasons Why You Aren’t Sleeping Well & How To Fix It.


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our health, yet most struggle to get a good night’s rest. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting quality sleep, there is no worse feeling than waking up in the morning and feeling tired and groggy. Here are some possible reasons why you aren’t sleeping well and what you can do to fix it. It’s time to get that rest you deserve (and so desperately need)!


  1. You’re Stressed Out

From work deadlines to pandemic burnout, it’s no surprise that most of us feel stressed out. However, heightened stress levels could negatively impact your sleep quality. If you have trouble turning “off” your mind and your thoughts are racing at night, it might be a sign that you need to relax. Take a few minutes before bed to unwind, whether that’s reading your favourite book or doing a quick meditation. Turn off your phone notifications and put your electronics away. Remind yourself that anything you have left to do can wait until the morning when you are energised and ready for a fresh start.


  1. You’re Drinking Too Much Caffeine (Too Late)

If you have trouble sleeping, pay attention to your caffeine intake. The effects of caffeine can last much longer than you might think, so you may want to reconsider drinking coffee in the afternoon. If you need some extra energy, try drinking green tea, which contains much less caffeine than coffee or black tea. If you like the taste of coffee, switch to dandelion, chicory root, or decaf later in the day. 


  1. Your Sleeping Environment Isn’t Right

Have you ever slept over at a friend’s house or a hotel and felt as though it took forever to fall asleep? Your sleep environment has a significant impact on your quality of sleep. Take a look at your bedroom— is it dark enough at night, is it quiet? Is it too hot, too cold? These seemingly minor factors can disrupt your sleep and make you uncomfortable. Keep your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible at night. Your bedroom should also be a cooler temperature, but not too cold.


  1. Your Sleep Schedule Is Inconsistent 

We’ve all heard about the importance of a consistent sleep schedule, but it’s easier said than done. However, an inconsistent sleep schedule can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep. Our body’s circadian rhythm acts as a natural alarm clock. It alerts your body when it’s time to fall asleep and when to wake up, but if we never have a consistent sleep-wake pattern, our bodies get confused. Make a sleep schedule that works for you, and try your best to stick to it. 

If you want to read more on how to reset your sleep schedule then check out this.


  1. You’re Not Moving Your Body

The best way to easily fall asleep is to feel tired. If you aren’t moving your body and are stuck sitting at your desk all day, you don’t expend much energy. From your body’s perspective, there is not much need to rest and re-energise when you haven’t used much energy in the first place! Try to move your body in some way each day, even if it’s a slow walk through the neighbourhood. Exercise also lowers stress levels, which helps you relax before bed. However, avoid intense exercise right before bed as this will increase your heart rate and body temperature, making it difficult to relax and sleep. 


Headspace has some great information as well here.


Improving your sleep can have added benefits to various aspects and addressing these reasons why you aren’t sleeping well can make a significant difference to your health. 

Posted by Evolved Nutrition and Naturopathy

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