How To Make Shifts In Your Relationship With Food.

Your relationship with food is something that takes a lifetime of intentionality. We are conditioned with so many thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from all angles, starting when we are small children. The relationship varies from person to person, and this idea of having a healthy relationship with food is incredibly individual. But, it’s a crucial part of having a good relationship with our bodies, and that is worth doing the work! 

How To Create A Habit That Sticks.

Let’s face it— habits are hard to create. Before they can become ingrained in our routines, they require motivation, dedication, time, and effort. It’s not easy to stick to something new, but there is a method that works better than most efforts. Here are some tips on how to create a habit that sticks and how to use habit stacking to achieve your goals.

Renew Your System After Antibiotics.

Antibiotics might be unavoidable at times, especially if you have a severe infection. Here I’ll discuss is why it’s so important to renew your system after antibiotics use…

Why You Should Take Better Care Of Your Lymphatic System.

We have so many systems in the body, but out of all of them, the one we tend to focus on the least is the lymphatic system. If you’re focused on creating a healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to learn how to take better care of your lymphatic system.

Gluten-Free Grains To Put On Your Table.

Want to go gluten-free? There are surely tons of choices out there for you to put on your dinner table. Even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, eating gluten-free foods is beneficial for your health and is a positive habit to adapt. For those that can’t have gluten though, it’s even more important to know what you can still eat without causing a major upset. Here I’ll share gluten-free grains to put on your table.