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Daily Habits To Support Your Metabolism.

daily habits to support your metabolism


Your metabolism includes all the bodily processes that convert food into energy that fuels your body. The rate (metabolic rate) at which these processes occur depends on many factors, from genetics to diet. Although you can’t control all of these factors, there are many things that you can do to support your metabolism and boost your metabolic rate. Here are some daily habits to support your metabolism that you can easily implement into your routine. 



Stay hydrated all day. 

As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning “wakes up” your metabolism and gets things moving. That doesn’t mean to ignore your water bottle for the remainder of the day — the digestive system needs water to function, and your metabolism will work better when you’re hydrated. So get a good jump start in the morning, and carry your water with you all day long.  


Move your body daily. 

To get things moving in your digestive system, you need to move! Exercise is one of the best ways to support your metabolism. That doesn’t mean you have to smash your body to see the benefits. A mix of cardio, low-intensity workouts such as walking, and strength training will boost your metabolism. If you have an office job and sit at your desk all day, try to get up periodically for short walks and take advantage of your lunch break to get some steps in. Strength training stimulates your metabolism even after the workout is complete, and it builds muscle, too.


Eat your fibre.

Fibre is a wonderful nutrient, but most of us aren’t getting enough of it. Fibre is food for the healthy bacteria in our gut, but our bodies cannot digest it. Because of this, our bodies work extra hard to try and break it down, which burns more energy. Fibre also keeps you feeling full for longer, which means you won’t feel the need to eat as often. 

There are foods that can sabotage your metabolism too. Read more about those sabotaging foods here.


Practice mindful eating. 

Your metabolism works best at a healthy weight. By becoming more mindful of what and how much you eat, you will better understand your eating habits and hunger cues. Do you eat dinner while watching TV or talking on the phone? These habits might lead to overeating when we eat while distracted. Take the time to enjoy your meals and stop when you’re full. 

Check out last weeks post if you want to read more on mindful eating and some late night mindful snack ideas here.


Get enough sleep!

Like most bodily processes, your metabolism needs sleep and rest to function optimally. Lack of sleep will disrupt your metabolism and slow down your metabolic rate. Sleep deprivation also increases appetite and cravings, especially for unhealthy foods that are high in sugars or salt (think pre-packaged snacks). This could partially be because sleep deprivation disrupts the hunger hormones. A consistent sleep schedule will do wonders for your metabolism and overall health.


As you age you might feel like you are in a constant battle with your metabolism, and while you can’t control all those factors that can alter the bodies processes that determine your metabolic rate, you can make significant improvements to these factors by implementing these daily habits to support your metabolism.

Posted by Evolved Nutrition and Naturopathy

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