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9 Healthy Recipes To Enjoy By The Fire.

Whether you love to camp or you’d rather tend to your backyard BBQ, fireside recipes are one delicious way to dine alfresco. Often though, it seems like the usual suspects aren’t the healthiest of options. Here I’ll share 9 healthy recipes to enjoy by the fire that you’ll want to try.

I’m going to be sharing my favourite healthy by the fire recipe ideas that are nutritious, delicious, and easy ways to satisfy your outdoor appetite. These can be easily adapted to any eating style, so I’ll include ideas for meatless eaters, as well. 


  1. Pineapple Skewers

Pre-marinate your chicken or tofu and pineapple skewers, then cook over the fire. You can add other ingredients such as capsicums, mushrooms, and onions, which pair well with pineapple. Bring lettuce to wrap it in and other fun toppings like an Asian slaw mix.

  1. Foil Packets Cooked to Perfection

Fresh salmon cooked over a fire is one of the best things about outdoor cooking by the fire. For a meat-free option, substitute with a medley of vegetables. Try it with a mix of Tamari and fish sauce for a Thai-like experience, go Mediterranean style with pesto, or keep it simple with olive oil and dill. Just wrap it in foil, tightly securing the edges to retain the steam, and cook until done. 

  1. Grilled Stuffed Avocados 

Grill up garlicky prawns and avocados, then stuff the prawns into the avocados for a tropical take on your campout. Bring mango salsa along to unite the flavours. Skip the prawns if meat-free and sub with jackfruit instead. 

  1. Potato Packets 

Fill up foil packets with pieces of organic chicken sausage, potatoes, and other veggies for a rustic and delicious meal that nourishes. You won’t need much to season it, but you could add some Clean Italian Seasoning. Shop-bought meat alternatives are usually full of processed ingredients and additives. For a meat-free option, sub in some falafels or add some vegetarian burgers to the grill.

  1. Campout Caprese

If Caprese chicken is a favourite around your dinner table, then turning it into a campfire-friendly dish is a must! Simply slice each chicken breast in a Hasselback style and stuff it with tomato and cheese (if you tolerate dairy), top with pesto, then seal into your foil packets. If you want to skip the chicken, use a potato for a Caprese Hasselback Potato option. To make it dairy-free, choose a clean dairy-free cheese. 

  1. Fireside Fajitas 

Wherever there are fajitas, there is always a fiesta. Using lean meat, plenty of bright capsicums/peppers, and onions, you can create your Mexican restaurant favourite by wrapping it in aluminum foil. Or you can skip the meat and use a meatless option by adding more vegetables to the foil. Don’t forget to bring tortillas and limes along, plus a little guacamole for plenty of those healthy fats, too. 

  1. Mexican Corn

Called ‘elote,’ this Mexican street food is a delight on any campsite or in your own backyard around the fire pit. It takes just a few extra toppings once the corn is grilled – lime, mayo, coriander, chili powder, and usually a dry, grated Mexican cheese (cojita). For a dairy-free option use nutritional yeast — you can now easily get this cheesy flavoured alternative from local supermarkets and health food shops. 

  1. Bruschetta Pasta

When you’ve got busy adventures ahead, make a batch of gluten-free spaghetti beforehand and then cook it fireside with prawn and bruschetta for a perfect Italian-inspired meal outdoors. Skip the prawns for a vegetarian option, adding cherry tomatoes or mushrooms. 

  1. Banana S’mores

And finally, because you need a dessert when camping or soaking up the last fading wisps of warmth before the seasons change, there are banana s’ mores. Split your bananas, stuff them with marshmallows and dairy-free dark chocolate chips and eat with a spoon for a healthier version of the campout classic.


Camping or cooking by the fire doesn’t have to mean that you are only enjoying the unhealthy options. You can still have all the fun and the flavour with these 9 healthy recipes to enjoy by the fire no matter the season.

Posted by Evolved Nutrition and Naturopathy

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