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8 Popular Autumn Herbs And How They Benefit Your Health.

One of my very favourite parts of autumn is the slew of aromas that are so specific to the season. The warming spices, cinnamon, curries, pumpkin — there’s something so comforting about these scents. Interestingly, the herbs and spices we come to rely on for flavouring our autumn cooking have some incredible health benefits. Here I’ll share 8 popular autumn herbs and how they benefit your health.

Grab them fresh or from your spice rack and get cooking with these popular herbs and see how they improve your health and your cooking.



Not only is oregano full of antibacterial properties, but it contains a load of iron, manganese, vitamin K, and other antioxidants. Just a little bit of fresh or dried oregano is good for improved immunity and adds zesty flavours to ordinary dishes for extraordinary taste.


Ginger is another immunity-booster — and one that can help improve your circulation too. It’s helpful for digestive troubles and adds aromatic flavours to your food. Take your veggie noodle soup and jazz it up with an Asian feel from this zesty spice. You can even make ginger tea with it, which is perfect for getting cosy on a chilly night. 

If you are interested in a super tasty sharable dish then check out my Asian Baked Meatballs.


Add a warm and appealing flavour and aroma to your dishes. Sage is potent, so you won’t need much. You’ll also love just a little of it with extra virgin olive oil and zucchini pasta to create a restaurant-worthy dish even on your busiest night of the week. 

If you are keen to use more sage in your diet here is my recipe for Chicken Breakfast Patties that can make a lovey addition to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Piney and lemony, rosemary has such a relaxing aroma. It’s also antiseptic and great for your health. There are so many ways to cook with fresh or dried rosemary. You can even infuse olive oil with rosemary to make your favourite dishes. It’s excellent with all kinds of vegetables, and nothing compares to the smell of fresh-baked rosemary bread!


Help kick heavy metals to the curb with naturally detoxing coriander (also known as cilantro). It’s great for finishing off dishes, especially from Mexican and Asian cuisines. I know many have a love/hate relationship with this herb, but learn to love it for all its benefits.

A simple recipe that I can’t do without that includes coriander is my Guacamole recipe. Enjoy it with EVERYTHING!


Along with sage and rosemary, thyme is great for your immunity while also having antifungal properties. It’s lovely in soups and stews and enhances the flavour of just about any roasted vegetable. 


Often found in Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mexican cuisines, cumin helps with digestion, and features plenty of iron. Bland beans come alive with cumin as do stews and even something as simple as roasted chickpeas for a healthy snack. 


With antibacterial properties, paprika is ideal for skin concerns. It packs a bit of heat and adds more depth to your dishes. Made from the skin of bell peppers and hot peppers, it gives flair to your foods. Smoked paprika is another option, one that lends even more complexity to your vegetables and dishes. 

I love to swap out regular sweet paprika and use smoked paprika in my Chilli Con Carne recipe. 


Skip the salt and shake on more seasoning from these autumn herbs. You’ll get better flavour and help boost your health all in one!

If you’d like to learn more about planting and growing your own autumn herbs then take a look at this.

Let me know how you use these 8 popular autumn herbs and how they benefit your health.

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