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The Natural First Aid Kit Everyone Needs At Home.

Having a first aid kit on hand can help to bandage up accidents quickly and efficiently.  Keeping one in your home is a priority, and having one to keep in the trunk of your car can come in handy, too. Here I can help you put together a natural first aid kit everyone needs at home.

Just to be clear — these tips are for minor cuts and bruises. If someone has been injured, don’t delay getting proper medical attention.  For other common occurrences that aren’t severe, you can keep your natural first aid kit on hand to use at a moment’s notice. 

– Soothe burns

For those occasions you accidentally touch the edge of your baking sheet after you pull it out of the oven, resulting in a minor burn. Aloe vera gel is a great and natural solution to soothe burns of this type. You can also use calendula or oil with St. John’s wort, though aloe vera gel (the real stuff) is extremely easy to find and keep stashed for these purposes.  You could even keep an aloe plant in your home, for decoration and purpose. 

– Calm seasonal allergies

When that pollen gets in the air, you might feel pretty miserable. If you want to rely on something more natural, stinging nettle and echinacea can help you. Each of these calms seasonal allergies by reducing inflammatory symptoms so you can get through your day without sneezing up a storm. 

– Quell the common cold

When a cold comes on, if you have lemons or limes around, you’re halfway to feeling better. Mixing those with raw organic honey, a touch of ground cayenne pepper, and a little warm water can do you better. 

If it’s a cough that’s tickling your throat then try my super simple Natural Cough Syrup Remedy. It’s easy to make and doesn’t taste like old socks! Kids love it too.

– Relieve a pounding headache

If you’re tired of taking too many pain relievers to stop your head from aching, considering stocking up on essential oils instead. Specifically, lavender and peppermint are wonderful when diffused into your air space or even applied to your temples. Be sure to use a high-quality third-party tested oil, so you’re sure it’s not full of yucky chemicals.  

I’m a lover of the Eco Modern Essentials oils. This isn’t sponsored at all, they are the essential oils that I personally love and use myself.

– Stop bug bites from itching

Bug bites from ants or mosquitoes are bothersome. They’re hard to avoid in the spring and summer months.  Fortunately, if you have that lavender essential oil around, you can apply it directly to the source and relieve that itching pronto.  

– Fix tummy troubles

For anyone that’s always had trouble stomaching over-the-counter medicines, try candied ginger or ginger extract when you feel a bit queasy or have an upset stomach. Ginger is naturally good at helping with digestion and is even safe for pregnant and nursing women. 

When you go more natural with your wellness routines, you’ll start feeling better overall. The natural first aid kit everyone needs around the home doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Keeping these natural essentials around gives you a safer alternative to calming your ailments.

Posted by Evolved Nutrition and Naturopathy

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