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Grain Free Tempura Mushrooms

Grain Free Tempura Mushrooms


1/2 cup tallow*
1/2 coconut oil
4 mushrooms, stems removed (serves 1)
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/4 arrowroot flour
1/2 water
coconut amino’s to serve


– Place the tallow and coconut oil into a small pot or deep pan and heat on high.
– Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the tapioca and arrowroot flours with the water and whisk well to create the batter.
– Place the mushrooms into the batter and flip over in the mixture to coat well.
– Then carefully place one to two mushrooms into the heated oil. TIP: When you place the mushrooms into the oil, make sure that the excess batter has run free from the ‘cup’ of the mushroom. Otherwise once fried you may get a gelatinous gelatine like residue in it. This is just the tapioca flour.
– Cook on each side for a minute or two, flipping them over ever 30 seconds to ensure both sides cook evenly and batter turns a golden colour and crisps up.
– Remove and drain the mushrooms on some paper towel.
– Serve on a green salad or spinach leaves, and sprinkle with coconut amino’s. Eat immediately and enjoy!

I combined the two oils so that one alone wouldn’t dominate the taste of the actual mushroom. Mushrooms tend to soak up flavours very easily. Also, the mix aids to give them a nice golden colour.

*If you wanted to keep the recipe vegetarian, then just use coconut oil.

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