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Beef Jerky

Looking for for a great snack option that will be loved by the whole family? Give this jerky recipe a go. It’s lunch box friendly and for the cost of the beef, some spices, and the use of your dehydrator, you have a snack that lasts months.

Beef Jerky


1 kg grass-fed beef, roughly chopped.
1/4 cup coconut amino’s.
1 Tbsp Nom Nom Paleo’s magic mushroom powder*
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder

  1. Divide the beef into 250 gm lots. Take one portion and place into the Thermomix. Mince the beef of speed 10 for 20 seconds. Place that minced portion aside, and repeat with the other three portions. Note: You can use a food processor or mincing machine to complete this step.
  2. Once all the beef is mince, add it all back to the Thermomix with the remaining ingredients.
  3. Mix everything together on speed 4 for 10 seconds.
  4. Turn on the dehydrator to the meat temperature (approximately 145 degrees).
  5. Using a cookie press**, press out 10cm long sticks on the dehydrator trays. Make sure to spread them out so they aren’t touching. The 1 kg of beef fills up approximately 3 of my dehydrator’s trays.
  6. Dehydrate for roughly 12 hours. Make sure that the meat is correctly dried and no moisture remains. If this is the case, continue to dehydrate.
  7. Once finished, store in an air tight container.

*I have made Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Powder a few times. It is a spice blend that is a source of the flavour umami. It’s fantastic on all types of meat. I have made this powder with both dried porcini and other dried mushrooms. They have both worked well. Due to the amount of salt in this seasoning powder, you don’t need to add any extra salt as a preservative.

**I use a cookie press to shape my jerky, because it compresses the meat well at the same time of shaping it. Not to mention it’s fast and stops me getting my hands covered in raw meat. Of course, you could use something similar or even hand-roll these, but it would add a lot of time to your prep. This is the cookie press I use (not sponsored).

You can of course slice your cut of beef very thinly into long strips. In this case, You can add all the other ingredients together in a bowl and marinate the beef strips for approximately 8 hours. This is to allow the flavours to really infuse. Then dehydrate the strips as per the other directions.

Homemade jerky will last for approximately 3 months if stored correctly in an air tight container. The shop bought versions of jerky are often packed with preservatives or additives that are definitely not paleo. It’s definitely easier to make your own and enjoy this healthy alternative.

Posted by Evolved Nutrition and Naturopathy

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