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Welcome to Evolved Nutrition & Naturopathy

Here to provide you with practical and achievable naturopathic and nutritional advice - both remotely and in-person at the Evolved Nutrition clinic based in Hobart, Tasmania.


I strongly believe that we should treat food as medicine. So much can be achieved by tweaking an everyday diet to improve overall health. I can offer nutritional strategies and guidance on speciality diets.


Naturopathy involves using traditional herbal medicine remedies that have been practiced for hundreds of years to treat the body as a whole – identifying the root cause, and allowing the body to heal itself.

Meet your practitioner:

Brooke Archer

Hi! I’m Brooke, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist providing practical and achievable health information to my clients. I practice a natural medicine approach, I’m interested in investigating and solving the underlying (often hidden) cause of your health condition or symptoms. By finding the cause, and putting together a plan of action to resolve the condition, we can create a healthier body and healthier life for you. This is very individualised health care – it is specifically about YOU, your health, and how you can feel better and enjoy life.


Eat Real Food

Eliminate processed, artificial ‘food like’ items that offer no nutritional value. Include real whole foods to optimise your health.

Eat Right For You

Find a way of eating that suits you. Your dietary needs should be specific to what you need to fuel your body.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Food has the ability to heal the body. Many symptoms or ailments can be linked to nutrient deficiencies. Eating right can reduce inflammation and balance the body back to health.

Find An Alternative

There’s always a healthy alternative to the foods you think you “just can’t do without”. Eating real food doesn’t mean you have to feel like you are missing out. Find a healthy alternative.

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