Nutritional Strategies

Individual treatment plans designed to meet your needs.

Tailored Meal Planning

Want to manage allergies or intolerances? Start a paleo, low carb/high fat, vegan or vegetarian way of eating? Do it right with a tailored meal plan designed just for your needs.

Weight Loss

Lose weight in a healthy way that is achievable and maintainable.

Manage Illness

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'. Improve symptoms associated with disease and conditions.

Healthy Food Relationship

Build a healthy relationship with real food. Control those cravings and curve emotional eating.

Fitness & Performance

Enhance your physical performance and reach your desired goals.

Healthy Ageing

Enjoy an active lifestyle and prevent conditions common with ageing.


Increase energy, improve sleep quality, or boost immune system.


Initial Consultation $120

60 - 90 MINUTES

  • Individual treatment plan
  • Full medical history
  • Testing (if required)
Follow-Up Consultation $80

30 - 45 MINUTES

  • Review treatment plan
  • Follow-up test results
Private Home Visit $200

60 - 90 MINUTES

  • Individual treatment plan
  • Pantry consultations
  • Recipe demonstrations
Short Email Review $25


  • Follow-up ONLY
  • Short review via email
  • Client unable to attend clinic
Online or Phone Consultation (Initial) $120

60 - 90 MINUTES

  • Individual treatment plan
  • Full medical history
  • Testing
Online or Phone Consult (Follow-Up) $80

30 - 45 MINUTES

  • Review treatment plan
  • Follow-up test results
 * Seniors Card holders receive a 10% discount off initial and follow-up consultations.


Happy Customers


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My Food Philosophies

Eat Real Food

Eliminate processed, artificial 'food like' items that offer no nutritional value. Include real whole foods to optimise your health.

Right For You

Find a way of eating that suits you. What works for some, doesn't work for all. Your dietary needs should be specific to what you need to fuel your body.

``Let Food Be Thy Medicine``

Food has the ability to heal the body. Many symptoms or ailments can be linked to nutrient deficiencies. Eating right can reduce inflammation and balance the body back to health.

Find An Alternative

Theres always a healthy alternative to the foods you think you ``just can't do without``. Eating real food doesn't mean you have to feel like you are missing out. Find a healthy alternative.

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